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We are your FirstMate

Your project, your site, your look-and-feel

Build a marketplace tailored to your collection's needs, no coding required

Your personal aggregator

The best place to buy and sell your NFTs with no added fee

FirstMate gives you your own aggregator - it pulls in orders from Opensea, LooksRare, x2y2, Foundation and more. Think: Gem or Genie, but just for your collection, on your site

Creator focused

More than a marketplace

Get a discord bot that links to your own page, see analytics on your collectors, mint derivatives, and more. We don't add fees to marketplace transactions.

Fully decentralized

Secure, no gatekeeping

FirstMate uses decentralized protocols, like Arweave, Seaport, and Reservoir, that have done billions in transaction volume. You can stop using FirstMate at any time; we cryptographically cannot gatekeep your community’s trades. Creators using FirstMate have been #2 in Opensea daily trade volume, and have been featured or represented by commercial art galleries.